Addiblast is FerroECOBlast’s new brand dedicated specifically to the world of Additive Manufaturing, better known as 3D Printing.

From prosumers to industrial users, Addiblast provides state-of-the-art post processing solutions to simplify and enhance material removal, recycling and surface treatment of 3D printed parts, regardless of the material.

While offering industrial grade, advanced machines with features such as servo-driven gyroscopic depowdering, the ability to work in an inert gas athmosphere and automatic processing, we strive to serve the community as a whole, with the inclusion of the most advanced small blasting cabinet currently available, ideal for prosumers and small business operators.

All of the above and more is made possible by the 55+ years of research and development in the field of surface treatment that FerroECOBlast is passing to its latest and most futuristic brand.